What is important when looking for a pregnancy photographer?

I have two daughters and I remember when they were both just lump and bumps in their Mother's tummy. First the shock that this is actually happening but also the excitement of the unknown and the future. Big dreams and hopes as new life, opportunity and inspiration counts down to the day your life will change forever.

What a change it is. For those who have already counted down to that final birth day you will know what I am talking about. Those that are first time mums-to-be, you no doubt have heard it all before. Believe me when I say or write this with any type of emotion..... It will rock you to your very core. It is almost indescribable the very pure emotion that is felt as you first hear that cry of first breath.

As I guy I obviously experience pregnancy in a very different way but rest assured I lived the through cravings, uncertainty, self-doubt and belief. There are many common experiences felt between parents, man or woman and that emotion is the most binding.

I have worked with some very proud mum-to-be who have been counting down the days. They have wanted to document and remember this fleeting time, a chance to celebrate her beautiful life. If you are thinking about having a maternity bump portrait session there are some very important questions to think about.

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There are many portrait photographers now offering the baby and bump photography style, I urge you to use Google and view many. It is a very important choice. There are equally as many reasons not to want a maternity portrait photography session.

There are however many other reasons why you could have a photo session and if you decide that it is right for you, think about some of the following:

What is the photographers work like? Does it fit with the style that you like? After all it is the vision of the photographer that ultimately hangs on your wall forever more.

Is the photographer a part of the "ME TOO" crowd, whereby they photograph a bit of everything and follow the usual cliché's of the genre (remember to check out Google) because of a lack of originality?

Are they within your price range? Ultimately you will pay for what you get as like most things in life. I urge you to avoid anyone selling just a CD, not simply from a business point of view. I have a very strong belief that your images are precious. They are genuine physical memories that can be held, touched and admired. Remember that shoe box or old family album of photographs? Can you remember one photograph from it? I dare you to try. Why does that image carry so much power?

Does the photographer ultimately understand the issues of maternity photography, know its journey and can empathise with the subject with real genuine emotion which shows through the photographic work? Is anything less than that doing you a disservice? Photography is an art form, emotion and love of your subject is vital.

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I cannot answer those questions for you, they are for you decide! We at Candyfields do specialise in maternity, pregnancy and bump portraits. Within my team I have experts in design and printing and we only use the best degree qualified make-up artists with experience working with mums-to-be.

That is all nice to have, quality people who know what they are doing however, what about that all important emotion? Of course I use all the best equipment I can get, I learn all I can about my craft and I only use my camera in manual mode. Does that matter to you? Of course not.

Life is about love….and loss. Remember that box of photographs I just mentioned hiding underneath the bed or the old family photo album high above on the wardrobe? I want you to think about that one photograph that you can instantly remember from it. Or remember the emotion of looking through those old faded images. If you have not done that for a while I urge you to do that today!

Ask yourself, why do those images resonate with you? Why do they hit that emotional spot? Maybe because they are physical reminders of times that are gone, a family that is older, wiser or maybe no longer with us. They also remind us that our life is a celebration and should be admired.

What is important when looking for a pregnancy photographer?

What it comes to is choice and experience. To find a custom photographer is about finding someone who will photograph you or your family and give you devoted 1 on 1 attention without the feeling of being on a production line or in a crowded studio. The whole experience will have you, yes YOU, in mind and we see it as something “special”. Our bespoke custom portraits are more of a luxury than your standard “cookie cutter” chain experience and of course the whole custom photography experience is not for everyone. It requires a level commitment, investment in time and money, forethought and planning on the part of the subject and requires a much larger time commitment for the photographer as well.

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The first stage is to arrange your pre-shoot consultation which will take around 30 minutes. Let us know a convenient time to call you and leave me a phone number. If you have any initial questions at this time of course we would be happy to answer them when we talk.

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