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The Art and Technique of Pregnancy Photography – An Illustrated Guide:

Contains a selection from some of the 170 pages from the ebook demonstrating revised “how to” guides to help you pose, compose and measure light. acr

The full guide is not purely for the photographer looking to venture into the professional world, it will also help those of you who want to create portraits of your loved ones but prefer to develop your own skills than pay for a professional. It will inform those who want to learn a great deal more, or those who want to use small sections of the guide for pleasure.

Who is the guide for? It is for people like you, the start-up photographer, the old hand and even the amateur hobbyist. It is for aspiring photographers who want to get into maternity portraiture, or those expectant parents looking for some ideas and guidance. It may be that you have been asked to photograph a friend, relative, or maybe your pregnant partner, but the thoughtful requester only has a layman’s appreciation of what a specific skill maternity portraiture is. Let me reassure you that we will start at the beginning and work our way to the top of the technical tree together, so open your mind and absorb your education.

Have a free look at the ebook within this download.