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Pregnancy Posing Guide


A free posing guide that is easy to follow and sets out how to achieve the most common types of pose
posing guide how to for sitting pregnancy and maternity portraits ideas

She could sit on the floor, chair or window ledge and some of the great advantages of using these props is that oftentimes you can shoot above her eye level and if she happens to be using a window ledge, natural light is some of the best you can use within photography.

Knowing your standard poses such as the Cradle or Fashion greatly helps as you can easily use these positions when she is sitting down. Remember to think about your camera position and angle to add different dimensions to your images, you do not want them all to look alike!

Position One

Start by asking your subject to sit down and get comfortable. Very often they will get into a naturally good looking pose! There could be a couple of tweaks that you can apply especially as you are photographing a pregnant woman.

To help shape her bump a bit and expose it to the lens, get her to lean back or recline slightly. This is likely to be very comfortable which always help craft a pose! Ensure that her legs are slightly bent at the knees to create separation between them both. In an ideal world it is great to show or imply that your subject has all the limbs and appendages that they were born with. By bending her legs at the knees you create a pose that looks relaxed, comfortable, sensual and creates plenty of shape. Oh and it also prevents one being hidden behind the other!

Finish by placing her hands in one of the posing positions such as The Cradle.

how to pose sitting for pregnancy portraits

Position Two

If shooting on a bed or for a natural progression from position one, get her to move up onto her knees. This is really very simple to achieve and creates a lovely shape within the camera frame.

When directing her gaze towards her bump, ensure that she moves her eyes downwards and not her head. By moving her head down so far so that she can actually see her bump, very often a double chin will be created.

pregnancy sitting posing guide

Position Three

Finally the next position or progression could be sitting on the edge of the bed, on a park bench or window ledge. Be aware of the same rules as the other sitting positions. Do not over lower her head, ensure shape in her legs and back and select a pose such as the Cradle or Fashion. Change your shooting position from side to side, and then in line with her eyes and above.

sitting pregnancy posing guide


All of these poses can be used fully clothed, fully nude or somewhere in between. You must always consider your clients wishes and her comfort level, take many breaks and make sure that she is warm enough. Sitting down poses are great should your client start to become tired and needs a rest from all the tip toes and bending. The same poses such as the Cradle or Fashion can be used to create a range of images and will be an addition to your shoot plan.

The Next Stage

So we have learned how to pose a mum-to-be on her own and there are a whole host of things to consider. What about if we start to add the dad-to-be into the picture? Someone who very likely is going to feel far more awkward than your mum-to-be. You are gonna need a plan! Lucky for you we have that sorted for you!

Next Step - Posing Couples

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