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Pregnancy Posing Guide

About the Guide

A free posing guide that is easy to follow and sets out how to achieve the most common types of pose
A free posing guide in PDF or JPEG to download

Once I had done one, I was asked to do another, and another and another. You get the idea. One of the key things that was an element to my shooting was the pre-planning. I would look at poses and try to understand how they worked and what looked great and what didn’t. I would sketch them down on a piece of paper and literally take them with me on the shoot and follow them exactly as I had planned. Over time other photographers were asking how did I take the photo, which settings did I use, the lenses on my camera and how to pose. I realised from previous experience that you could flow from one pose to another with ease and so I started to devise a simple system that others can follow. I have two simple rules in my photography KISS and PPPPP.



A couple of very easy rules to follow! Shoot in natural light, learn how to meter it correctly, know what your equipment can do, learn how to pose, know what you are going to do before you turn up at a shoot. Easy!

By planning what poses I would use before, it gave me structure and something to fall back on whenever I was nervous or things were not going as I had initially thought they had. What I have included in this guide is a range of the most common poses and rules that you can follow with ease. You should be able to flow from one to another, adjust a leg position, the angle of your shot or the expression and gaze of your client to achieve a whole range of different images that you and your client would be very happy with. Get the basic poses done first and then experiment with new ones.

The Guide

Within the guide you will find a downloadable image (right click and save image as) which details some important considerations when on the shoot, followed by an example image many of which were shot for this guide. You can also download the image as a PDF and save it to your iBook

how to pose for pregnancy portraits

how to pose for maternity portraits guide


At the end of the page is a quick review with a couple of extra pointers or things to think about. Now could be a good time to have a re-read, book mark the page or share it on Facebook or Pinterest for future reference. Take the time to think about some of the things noted and move on to the next stage.

The Next Stage

So know we have gotten a little more understanding about why I created this guide and it works, shall we start? We are going to jump straight in and look at posing, later in the guide we will look at camera settings, common problems and a little theory. All posing should start with the feet, get your model to move to where you want them! From there we can make or break and image.

Next Step - Gaze & Expression

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