Free Pregnancy Posing Guide and 101

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Pregnancy Posing Guide

The Cradle

A free posing guide that is easy to follow and sets out how to achieve the most common types of pose

The Cradle is a very easy pose to work with and it is one that you will see and use time and again. It gives the opportunity to settle with your client because it is so easy to use whilst at the same time allowing your client to get used to your directions and being in front of the camera. By cradling her bump she is already displaying her affection and emotional connection to her new baby. By changing where she is looking and dropping or lifting a shoulder, a simple pose can move from the subtle to the glamorous very easily.

As with any posing, one of the first things to consider is her posture and feet position. By changing how she is standing on her feet you will force her to shape her body into a much more flattering pose. Lifting a foot onto her tiptoes, crossing her feet or pointing a foot towards the camera will create a much more dynamic pose.

Position One

The pose starts at the feet and once you have decided how you can ask her to either arch her back slightly or to kick her bottom out to one side. This will depend on your camera angle, if you are at profile or leaning against a wall, an arch in the back may be best however if within a ¾ view or face on, more of a kick to the side may be beneficial. This will create a lovely curve from the feet to the hips.

The hand closest to the camera cradles underneath her bump and the hand farthest away rests on top. You must ensure that both hands can be seen otherwise the image may look odd. You may then decide to drop the shoulder closest to the camera but avoid going to far as this may look like slouching.

how to pose for pregnancy portraits

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how to pose for maternity portraits guide

Position Two

Position two is a natural progression from position one and is the direct opposite of it, in fact if you moved your camera 180 degrees from position one you would see position two! At its most simplest, the position of the hands move around with the closest hand now on top of her bump. You can change her gaze and lift her should slightly but be aware not to go too far. A direct gaze at camera with a lifted shoulder is a very glamorous pose.

how to pose for pregnancy portraits guide

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how to pose for maternity portraits guide

Position Three

The next easy and natural progression from position two is to simply place both hands underneath her bump. As with all posing and photography, change your position and crop to greatly enhance the range of images you will capture. With this pose avoid dropping the shoulders too far and slouching, this may create bad posture or a sad looking mum-to-be!

posing for pregnancy portraits free guide

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how to pose for maternity portraits guide

Position Four

Now you are getting the hang of this! Quite simply move the hands from cradling underneath her bump to the top.

posing for bump and maternity portraits free pdf guide

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how to pose for maternity portraits guide

Position Five

A nice pose to finish the cradle with but it will not be suitable for everyone. One again, start at the feet and kick her bottom out to one side. Place her hand on the kicked out thigh and tuck the elbow in. This will give a fantastic shape and is very glamorous! You can place her other hand wherever you wish, take the chance to experiment and see what works best for you and your client.

how to pose for bump portraits images

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This posing guide provides a useful beginners “how to” should you be unsure of the best way to position a client or model. It also provides a simple and logical progression for flowing through poses that are easy to remember and achieve. You must ensure that in any pose you can see both hands, that she is not slouching, and that you create interesting shapes by moving feet, bottom, back and shoulders. A general rule of thumb to follow is “if it can move, move it. If it can bend, bend it”.

The Next Stage

The Cradle can be used in many situations such as fashion, semi-nude and nudes, sitting, standing or laying down, it really is a versatile series of poses to use. The next logical step on from the The Cradle is the Fashion Pose. It is very similar to The Cradle however it does offer the opportunity to add some glamour and variety to your images.

Next Step - Fashion

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