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6384 hours. 266 days. 40 weeks. 9 months. 3/4 of a year.

However you are counting down the days, that amount of time is fleeting and before you know it, it will be over and you will be holding a baby who will forever more shape and change your life. The love for your child is completely unconditional, during this period you are physically as one with the most defining person in your life. That is why so many women are choosing to capture that memory.

Choosing a maternity photographer is a very personal choice and there are many photographers to choose from. Along with it being a very personal choice there may be a few things to consider or keep in mind, some of which are not immediately obvious.

Some questions you may have in mind may include - What is pregnancy photography and why is it becoming more popular? Are there any issues surrounding maternity portraits?

What should you consider when looking for maternity photographer? Is it as straight forward as basing your choices on cost?

What other photographers also take maternity portraits?

We try to answer some of those questions because we believe in free choice and that your choice should be as personal as you are.

A Question of Style

We normally recommended that pregnancy portraits are taken within the third trimester although from 6 months onwards is totally fine. Ultimately whenever is comfortable with you!

We hold many beliefs that steer our work for you. YOU and the people you love should be at the heart of your art and that your work is not hidden away on a disc but printed to the very highest of standards so that it can be held and admired. One crucial fact that cannot be ignored is that the vision and art of your photographer will influence many aspects of your art as it will be their final prints that hang on your wall forever more. That does not mean however, that creating your art work is a one way process, although that is likely to be true at many portrait studios. I am sure you can imagine the set up. A white wall and a couple of lights with commands such as “stand here and do that”.

At Candyfields you are a part of the process and very many of our clients like to decide location, style and tone of the final images. For example a range of editorial type images on Brighton Pier through to sensual nudes by window light. Our most common request is for a vintage feel with high texture and pastelised highlights but whatever your choice, it is a collaboration of ideas and wants.

A Question of Nude?

During any maternity portrait session there is often the conversation and thought about doing a “Demi”, you know the iconic image of Demi Moore, with full bump and full nude? There are often concerns, questions and “what happens” which we shall attempt to answer here. It is important to remember that it is always a matter of taste, some mums-to-be love the idea and others not so much. There quite simply is no right or wrong, just what is right for you.

So if you are thinking about having a maternity portrait session one thing you may want to to think about is a question of nude?

You may well be thinking that “I would never want to have that done” and we absolutely understand! There are many reasons why you may not want to think about a full bump portrait.

What if I look fat?

I hate the lumps and bumps.

I wouldn’t want my mum seeing the pics!

I don’t feel comfortable being naked in front of a stranger.

All very good points! I have a couple of my own too.

Are we over sexualising pregnancy?

Are we putting additional pressure on mums-to-be?

Lets us talk about some of those concerns! Firstly it is vitally important that for any of your pregnancy portraits, nude or fashion, that you find someone whose style you like and think would suit your taste. After all it is ultimately the vision of the photographer that will influence the art work that will hang on your wall forever more. We have carried out a Google search for you, listing the top Google maternity photographers to help you save some time.

What about the concern that many may have, not looking your best and not being happy with aspects of your body? It is an unfortunate world we live in that we even have those types worries. That does not mean that we can simply ignore them however and you should be sure that your photographer is able to photograph you in a way that is going to show you at your very best. Just check out “Awkward Family Photos” to see how badly it can go wrong. You can make a fairly good judgement by looking at the previous work of the photographer, check for consistency of style and approach. All of our sessions include full make-up, editing and Photoshop work to ensure that you will look as great as you can!

One concern that is often raised is “I don’t want my Mum seeing them”. That may well be the case for some other types of work, however we aim to produce pieces of art that you will be proud of, that are not nude for the sake of nude and most importantly do not show any part that you wouldn’t want your Mum or family to see!

One of the most common concerns is not wanting to be nude in front of a stranger. That is a really good point! I wouldn’t want to either and that is exactly why this style is not to everyone’s tastes or wants. There are however many mums-to-be who may be interested. It is important to remember that going full nude is only one option, you do not need to go that far. You can choose to wear underwear, lingerie, jeans and bra, be covered in sheer fabric or the many other types of combinations. So you may still be interested in doing a “Demi” and wonder how do we build to that moment?

A photoshoot often starts fairly nervously on both sides of the camera. The photographer is getting to know the subject and worried about many things. The light levels, composition, posing, outfits, colour and tons more. The subject is getting to know the photographer and also is worried about many things. Do I look ok, nerves, posing, is my outfit ok, can the photographer do a good job, what am I supposed to be doing?! What then tends to happen is that nerves settle and a natural rapport and pace is gained, the photos become easier, the posing more natural and in the end, if the photographer has done their job correctly, you will be at total ease with posing and not feeling nervous and uncomfortable in front of the camera. The photographer on the other hand will still be worrying! Towards the later part of the session and in accordance with what may have been discussed and agreed at your pre-shoot consultation, the option to move towards more nude type portraits will be given. The choice is yours! You can choose to go slowly or jump right in, either way our make-up artist is there to assist and discretion and dignity is always maintained throughout.

The concern from society is that we may be over sexualising pregnancy and putting undue pressure on mums-to-be and this is an extremely important point. For me it is vitally important that your photographer is aware of the greater issues involved and can offer a reasoned understanding of that concern. That is not suggest that your images cannot be sexy either, far from it. They can be whatever you wish them to be, its your choice and taste.

Candyfields nude pregnancy portrait photography


The first stage is to arrange your pre-shoot consultation which will take around 30 minutes. Let us know a convenient time to call you and leave me a phone number. If you have any initial questions at this time of course we would be happy to answer them when we talk.

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