Children's Gallery

Custom Luxury Photography to Hold, Touch and Admire

Our Children’s Photography has a certain spark and a noticeable difference. Classic portraits to the fantastical, we work with you to develop the very best images we can.

The 1-3 hour Candyfields Children’s Art session is all about capturing your family or children just as they are. Normally on location in a favourite or pretty location (such as at home, the holiday house, beach or simply in a field) the session celebrates connections, love and the uniqueness that is your family.

We hold many beliefs that steer our work for you. YOU and the people you love should be at the heart of your art and that your work is not hidden away on a disc but printed to the very highest of standards so that it can be held and admired.


The first stage is to arrange your pre-shoot consultation which will take around 30 minutes. Let us know a convenient time to call you and leave me a phone number. If you have any initial questions at this time of course we would be happy to answer them when we talk.

Maternity and Pregnancy portrait photography in Hertfordshire, at Home or on Location